Bella Swan

Bella Swan starts our story as a 17 year old Junior at Forks High School in Forks, Washington. She is quiet, reserved, and tries not to draw attention to herself as the 'new kid' at the school. Then all of that changes when she meets Edward Cullen. She falls in love with him, completely disregarding the fact that he is a vampire and could very easily kill her. Her whirlwind romance with Edward is not all easy, or even pleasant, but Bella always finds something in her life to keep her going, whether it be the other Cullens or Jacob Black, her best friend.

Portrayed in the movie by: Kristen Stewart

Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen is 17....unless you count the fact that he never ages. Timelessness is just one of the traits of vampires, along with eyes that change color, skin that's as hard as stone and cold as ice, and bloodlust. However, Edward belongs to a coven of vampires that consider themselves 'vegetarian.' They feed off the blood of animals rather than humans. Edward is stubborn and protective of Bella. He strives against her ability to attract danger, hoping to keep her safe. He feels that he is a danger to her, however, so he tries not to let himself get too emotionally close to her. He can read the minds of those around him...except for the one he wants most to hear.

Portrayed in the movie by: Robert Pattinson

Jacob Black

One of the Indian tribe called the Quilleute, who has a strange genetic trait that is brought out in them whenever vampires are around. Jacob is Bella's best friend throughout New Moon, adopting her into the pack when she learns that many of the young Quilleutes are werewolves, the mortal enemies of the vampires. Jacob has fallen in love with Bella, hopelessly pursuing her, as she does the same for Edward. Bella must ultimately decided between the one she loves, and her best friend in the world. Jacob hopes she'll pick him.

Portrayed in the movie by: Taylor Lautner

Alice Cullen

Alice Cullen can be summed up in one word: spunky. She's a feisty vampire with a passion for shopping and a penchant for using Bella as a model...or a rag doll, which may be more accurate. She's passionate about her family, especially her husband Jasper Cullen. She has grown to think of Bella as a best friend. Alice can see into the future, but only after a decision is made on the part of the subject of her vision.

Portrayed in the movie by: Ashley Greene

Jasper Hale-Cullen

Jasper is the newest to the bunch. He has the power to control the emotions around him, which comes in handy during arguments with the family or breakdowns from Bella. His restraint isn't as good as that of his 'siblings', as he hasn't had as long to practice as they have. His past is awful, which makes him grateful for the adoration of his wife Alice.

Portrayed in the movie by: Jackson Rathbone

Rosalie Hale-Cullen

Described as the most beautiful person on Earth, Rosalie is vain and arrogant, with a haunting past. She is the least accepting of Bella. Her looks could attract her any man she should want, but she is happily married to Emmett Cullen.

Portrayed in the movie by: Nikki Reed

Emmett Cullen

If you need brute force and a good sense of humor, Emmett is the one to call. His quick wit can relieve stress in a situation, should Jasper's powers be unavailable. He's good natured inside, with the exterior of an athlete. He is the only one who can talk reason into his wife Rosalie.

Portrayed in the movie by: Kellan Lutz

Carlisle Cullen

The father figure of the coven, Carlisle is a doctor with a big heart. He is the one who turned everyone in his family, changing them from their dying, human form into an immortal vampire. His restraint is the best out of his family. He is, in fact, a doctor at the hospital in Forks. He is happily married to Esme Cullen, the first vampire to join him in his lonely quest for self-redemption.

Portrayed in the movie by: Peter Facinelli

Esme Cullen

Esme is the mother of the group, as well as the wife to Carlise. Haunted by the death of her child, she was driven into a life-or-death situation where Carlisle saved her life by turning her into a vampire. She is warm and friendly, accepting Bella as one of her own. She loves that Edward is happy with Bella, and she will do anything within her power to keep it that way.

Portrayed in the movie by: Elizabeth Reaser